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HiPERlogo145 October 2014

LatestnewsLMJ Call for Expressions of Interest for beam time

The LMJ-PETAL laser facility will be commissioned in 2016 at CEA’s CESTA site at Le Barp, near Bordeaux, in 2016. In 2017 the facility will be open for scientific access to academic research groups. Further information on the Call can be downloaded here

Please register your Expression of Interest for access to this exciting new facility by October 31st using the templates which may be downloaded here

For further information please contact Prof. Dimitri Batani  ( or Dr. Chris Edwards (

5 PrizeFabre3August 2014

Call for Nominations – “Edouard Fabre” prize

The “Edouard Fabre” prize – For contribution to study of laser-driven inertial confinement fusion and the physics of laser produced plasmas.

HiPERlogo1031 July 2014

HiPER Project Preparatory Phase Complete

With work now complete on the Preparatory Phase of the HiPER Project, the completion report has now been published.  A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.

HiPERlogo1313 February 2014

Latest Fusion results from the National Ignition Facility

Scientific Breakeven” at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California was achieved on 29th September 2013 with an output of 5.1015 neutrons using a new “high foot” design of target which gives improved hydrodynamic stability during the compression phase. Detailed results have now been published.

HiPERlogo1221 January 2014

HiPER management team plans future strategy


The HiPER management team met on 20th January in London to determine the way forward for the project over the coming year.

Key objectives include:

Prof. Andrew Randewich, Chief Scientist at AWE, led a discussion on the significance of the latest results from NIF.

It was agreed that a HiPER Participants' Forum will be held in the summer.

HiPERlogo319 April 2013

HiPER Participants Forum

With the HiPER Project reaching the conclusion of its Preparatory Phase, a well-attended Participants’ Forum was held in Prague to follow the SPIE Photonics event.

SPIElogostandard117-18 April 2013

Laser Energy Workshop

A 2-day workshop on Laser Energy was held within the recent SPIE event in Prague.

15-SPIElogostandard318 April 2013

HiPER at the SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics Conference

The 2013 SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics Conference took place in Prague between 15 and 18 April 2013. More than 600 delegates gathered to discuss the latest advances in laser technology, photonics and applications ranging from inertial confinement fusion to medical imaging, from metamaterials to quantum information transfer..

ESFRIlogo114 February 2013

ESFRI Review of HiPER


Erasmuslogo2November 2012

Erasmus MSc Course starts September 2013

The Erasmus LLE curriculum PLAPA (Plasma Physics & Applications) has been prepared to meet the training needs of the HiPER Project and will be implemented from September 2013, to develop an MSc course in laser fusion science and technology.

STFClogo23 July 2012

First major Extreme Light Infrastructure contract placed with STFC's new laser centre

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project in the Czech Republic has awarded its first major contract to STFC’s new Centre for Advanced Laser Technology and Applications (CALTA).

2 February 2012

HiPER Participants Forum & HiPER fellow meeting

The 5th HiPER Participant’s Forum took place on 2nd February 2012 in Bordeaux, France...

optics122 November 2011 –

OpTIC Glyndwr explores laser energy possibilities

HiPERlogo119 October 2011

Progress towards Laser Energy... One small step...

Expert teams of laser scientists create new laser technologies... another key step towards fusion energy...

LaserFocusWorld3 October 2011 – Laser Focus World

Raman Amplification sets sights on Laser Fusion

NIF12 September 2011 – NIF News

Collaboration Agreement between UK and LIFE

LLNL has signed a memorandum of agreement with two long-term partners from the United Kingdom—Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) – to engage in joint research directed at the exploration of the challenges associated with the design, development and delivery of Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) power plants.

optics9 September 2011 –

UK scientists call for laser fusion energy plan

As the National Ignition Facility closes in on Laser Fusion with energy gain...

HiPERlogo214 August 2011

68th Scottish Universities Summer School on Laser Plasma Interactions and their Applications

laserlablogo1a14 July 2011

HiPER article in Laserlab newsletter

July 2011 edition of Laserlab Forum

spieApril 2011

HiPER Workshop at the SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics conference

A HiPER workshop took place during the SPIE optics and optoelectronics conference that was held in Prague in April 2011. The HiPER event was scheduled on Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st April 11 and consisted of a project update and a series of technical talks showcasing progress made by the team. The official workshop proceedings can be found here

laserlablogo1aJanuary 2011

HiPER article in the Laserlab Newsletter

January 2011 edition of Laserlab Forum...

HiPERlogo1a1a4 November 2010

HiPER at the Creativity Workshop in Florence


HiPERlogo1a129 September - 1 October 2010

3rd European Target Fabrication Workshop

27 September - 1st October 2010

1st TIF Workshop, Portugal

20 July 2010

Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum Newsletter

HiPER Laser, the new approach to fusion energy...

28 June - 9 July 2010

Erasmus Intensive Training Programme

Erasmus intensive training programme on HiPER related physics and technology summer school

HiPERlogo424 June 2010

3rd European Target Fabrication Workshop

You are invited to the 3rd European Target Fabrication Workshop. If you would like to submit an abstract to be considered for an oral presentation, please contact by 16th July 2010...

HiPERlogo523 June 2010

LULI Call for Proposals

Deadline 15th August 2010...

HiPERlogo63 June 2010

Participant's Forum and Fellows Meeting

Members of the HiPER community gathered on 3rd and 4th March 2010 for the 3rd Participants’ Forum and the 1st Fellows Meeting, which was held in Prague...

spie110 May 2010

Video: Mike Dunne on HiPER and the quest for fusion energy

We are at a golden age of laser development and exploitation -- seeing rapid enhancement of capability into ever higher powers and ever shorter pulses, and the emergence of a wide range of applications...

HiPERlogo718 March 2010

Russian Researchers visit to discuss HiPER development

On 15-16th March 2010, the HiPER team met with a group of 18 Russian researchers from a large number of institutes in the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Rosatom nuclear research centres, as well as representatives of Russian industry and universities...

HiPERlogo818 February 2010

HiPER Response to the UK Fusion Review

An opportunity 'to shape a future global collaboration'...

HiPERlogo925 November 2009

Participation in PhD Open Day at Culham

Representatives of the HiPER project took part in an open day designed to attract young scientists to embark on PhD's in fusion science...

HiPERlogo1129 October 2009

HiPER gears up for engagement with industry

Through October members of the HiPER team accelerated efforts to engage with industry – a key step in moving the project forward...

2 October 2009

HiPER - the other way to fusion energy

There are two ways to achieve fusion on Earth. In "magnetic fusion", strong magnetic fields confine a tenuous plasma inside a vacuum vessel. By way of various heating techniques, this plasma is brought to the temperature at which fusion reactions can occur. This is a path that was chosen half a century ago to pursue industrial production of electricity – magnetic fusion is what ITER and all tokamaks are about...

HiPERlogo11aSTFClogo12 September 2009

Research Council's Energy Programme:  Review of Fusion Energy Research

The EPSRC and STFC have established a project to carry out a full review of the UK fusion for energy programme. The review will take place over the coming months and will be completed by December 2009...

HiPERlogo11b14 May 2009

A significant decision for HiPER

A significant milestone in the HiPER project occurred on 5th March in INFN (Frascati) when the HiPER Executive Board took the unanimous decision that HiPER should operate at high repetition rate – consistent with the requirements of a future fusion reactor...

HiPERlogo11c13 May 2009

International School of Quantum Electronics

46th Course Atoms & plasmas in super intense laser fields
Erice-Sicily: 10-16 July 2009

HiPERlogo11d6 February 2009

A Europa vai "HiPER"

No passado dia 6 de outubro, mais de duzentos cientistas e polÌticos de dez paÌses Europeus e dos estados unidos - incluindo trÍs cientistas de Portugal...

HiPERlogo11e6 October 2008

Laser driven fusion to develop the path to carbon-free energy on a global scale

European High Power Laser Energy Research Facility (HiPER) preparatory phase launched today.
The quest for abundant safe clean energy is one of the most important challenges facing mankind and HiPER, a European research project led by the UK will harness nature's prime energy source - Fusion - to demonstrate a credible path to laser driven fusion as a commercial energy production source and offer a broad based science research facility.........

HiPERlogo11f6 October 2008

HiPER Launch Event

Scientists, politicians and press gathered together at the Science Museum in London on 6th October 2008 at a prestigious event to mark the beginning of the three-year Preparatory Phase of the HiPER project...

HiPERlogo11g19 September 2008

HiPER Launch Event

A prestigious launch event is planned to mark the start of the HiPER Preparatory Phase Project.  To be held at the Science Museum in London on 6th October 2008, this will comprise a plenary session in the IMAX theatre (in the afternoon) and a celebration reception and dinner (in the evening)...

14 July 2008

RCUK Unveils 2008 Roadmap of Large Research Facilities

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) today unveils its 2008 Large Facilities Roadmap, featuring a wide array of major research infrastructures such as light sources, research ships, state of the art laboratories and social data sets...

June 2008

HiPER experimental access to LULI

Call for Application for beam time at LULI on the 100TW and LULI2000 is now open for 2009. The closing date is 14th July 2008...

19 May 2008

Hotter than the Sun....petawatt lasers heat solid density matter to 10 million degrees

A milestone in high energy density science has been reached by an international team of physicists from Japan, the EU and the US.

HiPERlogo11g16 April 2007

Memorandum of understanding between HiPER, ELI and PETAL/ILP

Christine Labaune representing PETAL/ILP (centre), Mike Dunne representing HiPER (left) and GÈrard Mourou representing ELI (right) signed a Memorandum of Understanding laying the will to share the ELI, HiPER, PETAL/ILP respective efforts and knowledge to solve the different technical and administrative issues of their forthcoming European Preparatory Phases.

CCLRClogo129 January 2007

CCLRC endorses HiPER project

CCLRC has endorsed a submission to the European Commission in which the UK will take the coordinating, lead role in a 3-year project to prepare the case for construction of the proposed HiPER laser facility.

19 October 2006

Clean fusion energy: HiPER is on the Roadmap

The roadmap outlining opportunities for European science has been published today. The result of two years intensive work involving over 1000 top-level scientists, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) lists 35 opportunities for major science facilities over the next 20 years.