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26-28 September 2014

EnergETHICS Science Fair in Trieste


Researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, policymakers, and students will gather in Trieste for EnergETHICS,  the third TriesteNext science fair

Many events hosted in attractive locations across the city will be dedicated to the present and future trends in Energy, exploring the impact of production and use of energy, with special attention to the latest scientific innovations arising from close interaction between science and industry.

One event will be dedicated to nuclear fusion, the energy of the stars, and will shed light on the current status of facilities and projects dedicated to developing fusion for energy.


Queenscollege14-18 September 2014

13th International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets

Queen's College, Oxford, UK

Organised by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and AWE plc

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 13th International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets, taking place from September 14th-18th 2014, in The Queen's College, Oxford. The workshop, held every two years, brings together the leading international researchers in the field of Fast Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF).

This workshop will continue the series of successful International Workshops on Fast Ignition, the most recent of which were held in Napa, California (2012), Shanghai, China (2010), Crete (2008), and Boston, USA (2006). The program will include oral and poster presentations as well as discussion sessions focused on the current status of Fast Ignition research and mapping out strategic directions going forward. The meeting will follow the same informal, interactive atmosphere of past workshops in the series.

Topics include:

TargetFabWorkshop6-11 July 2014

5th Target Fabrication Workshop

University of St Andrews, Scotland

A meeting comprising oral and poster presentations at which we would like to see all previous attendees and hopefully many new ones in 2014. Group leaders are encouraged to inspire young researchers and scientists to attend.

30 June - 11 July 2014

HIPOLIN 2014 Erasmus IP

Rethymno, Crete, Greece

TEI of Crete/CPPL and the organising committee welcomes you to the European Erasmus IP on
"An Introduction to High Power Light-Matter Interactions" (HIPOLIN).


HIPOLIN is an intense training course funded by the Erasmus IP action.


One of the most exciting areas of science and technology during the last two decades is that of high power laser light interactions with matter. This is because nowadays the power of laser light has reached the PW (Petawatt) regime, at which phenomena which could not be investigated before can now be explored in the lab. The output of such research is new fascinating science from the atomic to the universal level and technological applications, ranging from medicine to energy production, and all relating directly to improving the quality of life for mankind.

BCCBerlin23-27 June 2014

41st EPS conference on Plasma Physics

Berlin Congress Center, Berlin

We would like to cordially invite you to the 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics in Berlin.  This conference continues a series of meetings on plasma physics encompassing the fields of magnetic confinement and inertial fusion research, beam plasmas, laser-plasma interactions and dusty and low temperature plasmas, as well as space and astrophysical plasmas and basic plasma research.We look forward to meeting you in Berlin !

16-19 June 2014

26th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technicka 2, Prague 6, Czech Republic

Main Topics:

19 April 2013

HiPER Participants Forum

Prague, Czech Republic

17-18 April 2013

Laser Energy Workshop

Prague, Czech Republic

15-18 April 2013

HiPER at the SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

11 April 2013

UK Fusion Group

Prague, Czech Republic

11 April 2013

CELIA Coordination

26-28 March 2014

The 8th International Workshop of High Energy Class Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (HEC-DPSSL)

Lady Margaret College, Oxford

This event is devoted to the development of HEC-DPSSLs worldwide as an enabling technology for applications such as inertial fusion energy, particle production (electrons, protons, neutrons, ions), radiation production (x-rays, gamma rays), high-energy-density science, shock physics and material science, and the use of these types of lasers for commercial applications.  

item514-17 March 2014

41st IoP Spring conference on Plasma Physics

Grand Connaught Rooms, London

This conference covers all disciplines, including Magnetic and Inertial confinement fusion, Astrophysical Plasmas, Low Density and Technological/Industrial Plasmas, High Energy Density and Laser Plasmas, Dusty and Complex plasmas and Non-neutral plasmas, Plasma Surface interactions, Plasma Applications including Medical applications and Plasma Diagnostics.

item45-7 March 2014

LMJ-PETAL scientific programmeDeveloping the physics Confinement Fusion at the time of NIF ignition

University of Bordeaux (Talence Campus)


26-31 January 2013

SPIE Photonics West 2013

San Francisco, US

19-21 December 2012

CLF High Power Laser Christmas Meeting

Cosener's House, Abingdon, UK

5-10 November 2012

International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets


29 October 2012

APS Division of Plasma Physics

Providence, RI, USA

14-18 October 2012

Frontiers in Optics

Rochester, US

8-13 October 2012

IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

San Diego, USA

24 September 2012

ICTPS 2012

Faro, Portugal

23-26 September 2012

SPIE Laser Damage

Colorado, USA

17-18 September 2012

ICUIL 2012


16-21 September 2012

Erasmus Curriculum Development Project "Plasma Physics and Applications"


12-14 September 2012

7th International High Energy Class Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers  (HEC DPSSL) Workshop

Granlibakken Convention Center, Lake Tahoe, California

10-14 September 2012

ECLIM 2012

Warsaw, Poland

10-14 September 2012

XIX International Symposium on High Power Laser Systems and Applications

Istanbul, Turkey

3-6 September 2012

Photon 12

Durham, UK

29-31 August 2012

Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis

University of Glasgow, UK

26-31 August 2012


Stockholm, Sweden

19-23 August 2012

4th Target Fabrication Workshop

Mainz, Germany

12-16 August 2012

SPIE Optical Engineering & Applications

San Diego, US

16-27 July 2012

Erasmus Intensive Programme – Applications of Electronics in Plasma Physics  (APPEPLA)

Rethimno, Crete, Greece

8-13 July 2012

Ultrafast Phenomena

Lausanne, Switzerland

8-12 July 2012

ICOPS 2012

Edinburgh, UK

1-3 July 2012

Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of Matter Conference

Banff, Alberta, Canada

18-21 June 2012

25th Symposium on Plasma Physics & Technology

Prague, Czech Republic

11-12 June 2012

NAHEL Workshop

Cosener's House, Abingdon, UK

4-8 June 2012

EUSPEN 12th International Conference

Stockholm, Sweden

20-24 May 2012

20th Target Fabrication Meeting

Santa Fe, New Mexico

7-12 May 2012


Tallahasse, Fl, USA

6-11 May 2012

HTPD 2012

Monterey, CA

6-11 May 2012


San Jose, CA

25-29 April 2012


Yokohama, Japan

25-27 April 2012

Omega Laser User Group Meeting

Rochester, NY, USA

16-19 April 2012

SPIE Photonics Europe

Brussels, Belgium

15 -20 April 2012


Dresden, Germany

2-5 April 2012

IOP Plasma Physics Conference

St. Hugh's College, Oxford, UK

2-4 April 2012

IOP Nuclear Physics Conference

University of Brighton, UK

19-21 March 2012

HILSE Meeting