29 October 2009

HiPER gears up for engagement with industry


Through October members of the HiPER team began the process of engagement with industry – a key step in moving the Project forward.

The aim is to encourage representatives of a wide range of industries to engage with the HiPER Project, forming partnerships to seek the most effective solutions to the technical and scientific challenges ahead.

A small team went to the annual “PhotonEx” show, where HiPER was the featured new industry challenge. Here the talk was mainly of the path towards delivery of a suitable diode pumped laser scheme, capable of meeting the needs of the HiPER facility.

The following week, HiPER was represented at “MM-Live”, the UK show which brings together all industry players involved in precision manufacture on the very small scale.

Many new contacts were made and these will be followed up in an effort to communicate the requirements for HiPER. The process of solving the technology challenges for HiPER is expected to reap benefits beyond the immediate field, yielding intellectual property and spin outs in the short to medium term.