Monday 29 January 2007

CCLRC endorses HiPER project: Clean Fusion Energy: HiPER project to be led by the UK


CCLRC endorsed a submission to the European Commission in which the UK takes the coordinating role in a 3-year project to prepare the case for construction of the proposed HiPER laser facility.

The European 'HIgh Power laser Energy Research' facility, HiPER, is a major science project being designed to demonstrate a high technology solution for a long-term supply of environmentally clean energy, whilst supporting a broad base of fundamental research.

HiPER will be designed to investigate the newest concept for efficient generation of power from fusion the power of the Sun. A demonstration that energy can be produced from laser driven fusion is expected in the period 2010-2012, initially in the USA and subsequently in France. The HiPER project has been designed to move from this scientific proof of concept to establish a credible route towards a commercial power plant, using a new technique known as 'fast ignition'.