28 June - 9 July 2010

Erasmus Intensive Training Programme on HiPER Related Physics & Technology - Summer School

A successful proposal submitted to the EU Erasmus Training Intensive Programmes, implemented in Summer 2010. The first summer school of the series of three, organised by TEI of Crete at the House of Culture, Rethimno, Crete, Greece starting on the 28th of June until 9th of July 2010.

The Erasmus IP is a co-operation between nine different institutions from seven different countries including Greece (coordinator), Great Britain, Portugal, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Italy.

An intensive course designed for :-

● Undergraduate students of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Departments
● Graduate students who are starting their PhD in the area of plasma science and technology
● Scientists and engineers who are interested to learn more about the HiPER project

The Erasmus training programme aims to fulfil (among others) four main objectives of strategic importance for HiPER :-

1. To define specific areas of societal impact of the HiPER programme.

2. To attract scientists from fields other than Plasma Physics into HiPER. HiPER is a facility able to generate new science exploring the microscopic level of elementary particles to the macroscopic level of the universe.

3. To train young scientists and engineers into plasma physics, especially in plasma physics relevant to HiPER.

4. To bring together scientists and engineers for the benefit of the new scientific and technological advances that HiPER will bring.

For further info please contact:
Prof Michael Tatarakis
Centre for Plasma Physics & Lasers
TEI of Crete