14 May 2009

A significant decision for HiPER

A significant milestone in the HiPER project was reached on 5th March in INFN (Frascati) when the HiPER Executive Board took the unanimous decision that HiPER should operate at high repetition rate – consistent with the requirements of a future fusion reactor.

This key decision will ensure a generational leap towards Inertial Fusion Energy, following on from the landmark proof‐of‐principle demonstration of energy gain anticipated on the US National Ignition Facility in the next couple of years.

Repetition Rate operation demands a high efficiency driver as an essential requirement. The project has been exploring several possible technological routes that will meet this challenge based on Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (DPSSL) technology.

In addition, Repetition Rate operation will require significant technological and engineering advances in target area capability and target production.

The project will be working with its European and International academic and industrial partners to develop the path to a technical solution to these challenges over the course of the current Preparatory Phase (2008‐2011). This will inform the scope, scale and partnerships required for the subsequent prototyping and technology development phase.