8 April 2013

The HiPER Project

Participants’ Forum

Friday 19th April 2013

'The Tycho Room', Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague



08.45 Convene

09.00 Welcome and Introduction Chris Edwards

09.10 Technical Session “Highlights and 5 Year Forward Plan” Chair Chris Edwards

09.10 Overview of Advanced Ignition Studies Stefano Atzeni

09.30 Experimental progress and Roadmap to Ignition Dimitri Batani

09.50 Virtual Reactor modelling Jacques Duysens

10.10 Materials & Reactor Concepts Manolo Perlado

10.30 Coffee


Chair François Amiranoff


10.50 Target Mass Manufacture Martin Tolley

11.10 Laser Technology Roadmap J-C Chanteloup

11.30 Target Injection & Tracking Bedrich Rus

11.50 Fundamental Science & Training Michael Tatarakis

12.10 LMJ Beamtime Opportunities Thierry Massard

12.30 Update on funding Chair Michael Tatarakis

12.30 STFC funding of “Interim Phase” John Collier

12.45 Horizon 2020 opportunities To be announced

13.10 Other funding news All


13:30 Lunch


14:30 Discussion: HiPER Strategy and 5 Year Look-ahead Chair John Collier / All

15:45 Closing remarks John Collier

16:00 Close